Meet Chase

Meditation instructor and published author, Chase has stepped into the role of spiritual teacher. His mission is to make spirituality as tangible for other people as he has made it in his own experience. He instructs on the sciences of spiritual evolution, Kriya Yoga, and the primordial sound "AUM". Culminating 12+ years of experience on the path, thousands of hours of meditation practice, Chase illuminates the way with spiritual force.

Founding OAM

Upon reading Autobiography of a Yogi, Chase sought out to learn Kriya Yoga. Failing many times to learn the practice, he sat in meditation with great resolve and spontaneously realized Kriya Yoga from within, (now taught as OAM Kriya). Prompted by this, he enrolled in “Inner Engineering” (2018) and learned Sadhguru’s Kriya. Words quickly fail to explain his stupification upon discovering: Sadhguru’s Kriya and OAM Kriya are the same technology. One month later, Chase found OAM Meditation to share his insights using practices that resurrect individual spiritual life.


Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is a sitting posture meditation technique, combined with a breathing pattern. Anybody can do this, regardless of shape, size, background, or age (recommended 15 and up). No experience is required. This practice does not require you to "quiet your mind" and is not like typical meditation. Having an active mind is normal and in fact ideal! This is why I named my company, "Over Active Mind Meditation" - because Kriya Yoga is specifically designed for people with an "Over Active Mind".

What Kriya Yoga really is...

Kriya Yoga is an ancient practice of grasping the energy system that is rooted both in and outside the body. By gaining control of the body's breath, an entirely new dimension opens up to us --> that dimension is control of our life-force energy. "Life-force energy" is the source of power in our body for all our emotions, thoughts, and unconscious tendencies. This "life-force energy" is what we call in the Yogic Sciences, "Prana".

Simply put, Kriya Yoga is the practice of commanding the flow of your Prana. By commanding Prana flow, progress unfolds in all areas of your life including, your mind, your body, your emotions, and your energy. Your life is in your hands!

This "total life-force energy mastery" does not happen overnight. OAM Kriya is designed for the beginner, requiring only 7 minutes of practice each day. The more practice put in, the easier it is to direct your energy where you want it, and create your life by design.



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