Meet Chase

Certified meditation instructor and published author, Chase has stepped into the role of spiritual teacher. His mission is to make spirituality as tangible for other people as he has made it in his own experience. He instructs on the most basic precepts for meditation, these are: mechanics of mind, body, energy (Kriya Yoga), and vibration ("AUM"). With wisdom culminating from 12+ years of experience and thousands of hours of meditation practice, Chase illuminates the path with a spiritual force.

Founding OAM

Upon reading Autobiography of a Yogi, Chase sought out to learn Kriya Yoga. Failing to learn the practice, he sat in meditation and spontaneously realized Kriya Yoga from within (OAM Kriya). Prompted by this discovery, he enrolled in “Inner Engineering” (2018) and got initiated by Sadhguru, learning Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya. Words fail to explain the stupification upon realizing: Sadhguru’s Kriya and OAM Kriya are of the same technology. One month later, Chase found OAM Meditation to share insights and resurrect spiritual life.



Kriya belongs to a path of yoga called "Kriya Yoga" (literally meaning union by energy mastery). In short, Kriya is an ancient technique that prepares the human system for higher dimensions of consciousness, awareness and perception. There is a deep science to Kriya - most of it has been misunderstood and misinterpreted by various cultures of today. For OAM, Kriya is a holistic way to energize the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic system for the purpose of "awakening" human system to it's highest possibility. There are degrees of potency to this and OAM Kriya is an introduction or preliminary Kriya. To know more about this, it is best to explore Kriya firsthand.

Kriya As Taught by OAM

OAM Kriya is a 7-9 minute sitting posture meditation coupled with breathing a technique. The purpose of "OAM Kriya" is to reset/reorganize the nervous system for well-being. Scientifically speaking, by using a specific breathing pattern, one can activate the parasympathetic nervous system to remove stress, anxiety, and overthinking. This meditation practice lubricates the energy, body, and mind to overcome cravings, compulsions, fears, negative thinking, and tough life situations. Practitioners have reported changes changes in many areas, including: greater mental and emotional stability, the body becoming less of a burden, and everything looking and feeling a bit more vibrant and real. No experience is required. Anybody can do this, regardless of any background or pre-existing health condition (recommended age 15+).


The company is named, "Over Active Mind Meditation" - because Kriya Yoga is specifically designed for people with an "Over Active Mind".




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