With samadhi inspired practices, our goal is to re-connect you to the infinite intelligence within you. The way we do that is through a series of guided meditations, breathing techniques, mantra and classical yoga.


It has been given many names: Holy Ghost, Inner Voice, Inner Conscious, and many more more. A small percentage of the world in is connection with this, and most of them are at the top of their field. Unfortunately, we are not taught in school how important this is or how to practice it. As a result, depression, anxiety, stress, and general mental health disorders are becoming almost normal. The remedy for this is learning how to listen. We do this through guided Kriya Yoga.


Chase Gielda has thousands of hours of meditation practice as well as 12+ years experience in the field of mental health and wellness. His original approach is influenced by studying with realized beings and premier teachers. With some success, Chase has synthesized a tool to connect with one’s own Inner Intelligence, or “Inner Voice”. His passion is to teach which he has been doing for over 3 years. 

Outside of teaching, he is a father of three and a husband of ten years. He plans on writing a few books and possibly starting a school. It wouldn’t be odd to find him at a community gathering or at a park with his family. He is readily available to contact through his social media. To learn more, check out his YouTube channel!